Moomery is a memory game in which you not only have to prove your brain skills to win the game, but also your speed. One player flips a card from the stack and keeps on doing that, until one person sees a card they remember to have seen before (has been flipped before).

But be aware: As soon as there is a cow – everyone has to tap the stack of cards as quickly as possible to win the cards that have been flipped. The game is played until there are no cards left and the player with the most cards wins the game. If someone wrongly taps the stack of cards, the cards are divided between the other players.






In Visioo, every player has to prove his or her perception skills. The stack of cards is divided in equal parts for each player. Then every player flips a card at the same time. The cards are put side by side in the middle of the table. Now every player tries to find two objects that are the same, but differ in colour – as soon as this happens, the player that has found a couple wins the cards.

There is however not always a couple to find. If after a couple of moments the players agree to not find anything, everyone flips another cards and puts it next to the other ones. Now there are more cards to look at, but thus also more cards to win or lose! Pressure is up!

In the end, the player with the most cards wins the game.